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What is UPVC Diaphragm Valve?

We providing the best quality UPVC Diaphragm Valve, that operate in both directions. They are used to regulate the region via which media can enter and exit the valve, thus altering its speed and velocity.

The diaphragm control valve is utilised in the pharmaceutical filling system and has the benefit of having a 150 million life opening and shutting time at 3 bar operating pressure. Liquid sampling, biological systems, labs, and other initiatives all types of UPVC diaphragm valve parts and price lists.

In optical media and other applications demanding smaller and lighter weight dispense valves, the PVC Diaphragm Valves delivers drip-free coating and uniform shot-to-shot bonding.

The innovative design of PVC Diaphragm Valves removes trapped air and bubbles. They’re 60% smaller and 70% lighter than traditional dispense valves, which implies less maintenance and wear on robotic arms on semi-automated and automated machines.

Mini PVC Diaphragm valves are ideal for analytical chemistry and clinical diagnostics and satisfy the demands of the most demanding gas flow applications. Thermoplastic Manufacturer & Supplier in India.

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The VM mini-valve issued to shut-off and regulate fluid flow and is characterized its reduced size.

• Connection system for solvent weld and threaded joints
• Extremely compact dimensions
• Can be installed in any position
• Valve material compatibility (PVC-U) and elastomer seal elements

(EPDM), with water, drinking water and other food substances as per cur-
rent regulations

• Specifically designed for laboratory applications or for sampling purposes

Technical specifications
Construction Mini-diaphragm valve
Size range DN 8 (1/4”)
Nominal pressure PN 10 with water at 20 °C
Temperature range 0 °C ÷ 60 °C
Coupling standards Solvent welding: EN ISO 1452 EN ISO 15493 Can be
coupled to pipes according to EN ISO 1452 EN ISO 15493.
Thread: ISO 228-1 DIN 2999
Reference standards Construction criteria: EN ISO 16138 EN ISO 1452EN ISO 15493
Test methods and requirements: ISO 9393
Installation criteria: DVS 2204 DVS 2221 UNI 11242
Valve material PVC-U
Seal material EPDM
Control options Manual control



Mini-diaphragm valve with female ends for solvent welding, metric series

d DN PN E H H1 H2 L Z g Code
12 8 10 43 48 72 81 12 24 70 VMIV012E


Mini-diaphragm valve with BSP threaded female ends

R DN PN E H H1 H2 L Z g Code
1/4” 8 10 43 48 72 81 10,5 27 70 VMFV014E


  • 1 Screw (STAINLESS steel – 1)
  • 2 Handwheel (PVC-U – 1)
  • 3 Bonnet (PVC-U – 1)
  • 4 Stem (PVC-U – 1)
  • 5 Sleeve (POM – 1)
  • 6 Split couplings (POM – 2)
  • 7 Diaphragm (EPDM- 1)
  • 8 Body (PVC-U – 1)

The material of the component and the quantity supplied are indicated between brackets

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