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Rubber Matting

As one of the top providers of rubber matting in the UK, we have a wide assortment to suit a variety of industrial, commercial, and agricultural uses. Our matting is made of high-quality rubber and, depending on the kind, can sustain repeated usage in regions with significant foot traffic or animals.

Our regular commercial matting is available in a variety of designs such as fluted, ribbed, and chequer plate. This matting is robust and long-lasting, making it a popular choice for flooring, vehicle linings, and bench top coverings. Anti-fatigue rubber mats are most commonly found in situations where staff must stand for extended periods of time on hard concrete or tiled floors. They can serve to enhance productivity, avoid workplace accidents, decrease worker tiredness, and offer a vibration barrier when machinery is in use.

Petron Thermoplast also offers electrical safety rubber matting, which is a popular alternative. This range is mostly utilized in high-voltage situations like control rooms or in front of switchboards. We can provide grades that can withstand up to 36,000 volts (depending on material classification) and comply with norms such as BS EN 61111:2009 and the now obsolete BS 921:1976.

If recreational rubber matting, such as gym or playground matting, is required, a variety of choices are available that can provide impact and abrasion protection. Some of these mats are made of a thick rubber mix that helps to minimize possible flooring damage while also providing comfort during workout activities.

We also sell cattle and equestrian matting, which is used to line stables and trailers. These choices can assist to lessen the danger of casting and give extra comfort for animals whether they are immobile or in transit.

Our rubber matting may also be cut into strips and shapes to fit particular parts of your workstation using bespoke in-house CNC cutting.

Commercial Rubber Matting

5003 – Fine Fluted

Manufactured from commercial rubber with a fine fluted design. Our 5003 is a popular matting that is used in general purpose applications as flooring or workbench covers. It provides excellent grip, offers minor sound dampening and can be bonded to surfaces with adhesives.

5545 – Chequer Plate

5545 matting is manufactured from a blend of styrene-butadiene and natural rubber. It has a 5 bar chequer plate pattern on the top face and a cloth impression on the reverse. It can be easily adhered to other surfaces and is commonly used as a lining for shelves or as a floor covering in workshops.

5540 – Broad Ribbed

Our 5540 rubber matting is made from a blend of natural rubber and styrene-butadiene. It has a broad ribbed design on one side and a cloth impression on the other. This matting is commonly used in areas that are subject to high pedestrian traffic or as a liner on work surfaces.

5599 – Circular Stud

Manufactured from a durable commercial rubber. Our 5599 matting has a coin embossed surface on one side and a cloth impression on the other. It is primarily used as a lining for shelving, drawers or walkways in workshops or garages. It can also be bonded to other surfaces using adhesives.

5597 – Pyramid

Our 5597 matting is made from a blend of SBR / NR. It has a high relief pyramid pattern design on one side and a cloth impression on the other that helps to provide excellent resistance to slip. It is commonly used in a wide range of general purpose applications in commercial and industrial environments.


Anti-fatigue rubber matting is available in a wide range of designs including bubble, duckboard and ribbed. They are primarily used to provide comfort to personnel who stand for prolonged periods of time on hard concrete flooring. Specific grades allow for the dispersion of liquids and help provide additional safety.

Electrical Safety Rubber Matting

Electrical Safety

Our range of electrical safety matting is designed to provide security and comfort in demanding high voltage environments. They are capable of withstanding voltages from 450 up to 36,000 dependent on their classification. They have a fine fluted pattern as standard and many grades are available from stock.

Gym & Playground Rubber Matting

SLGM – Gym Matting

Manufactured from a high quality, durable rubber compound with a textured surface for additional grip. Our SLGM matting is ideal for gym exercise and weight areas. They provide excellent resistance to impact and wear and help to improve safety in gymnasiums. They can also be used as equestrian matting due to the density of the compound.

SLGT – Gym Floor Tiles

Interlocking floor tiles are ideal for both home and commercial gymnasiums. They are made from durable rubber and can be easily relocated due to their modular format. SLGT floor tiles are hard wearing, provide good noise and shock absorption and have a textured surface that provides additional grip. Bevelled edges and corners can also be supplied.

SLGS – Ground Stabilisation

Manufactured from a high quality natural rubber, SLGS matting is used to provide area stabilisation in children’s playgrounds. It helps to drain water build up and provides excellent resistance to impact and abrasion. Ground stabilisation matting can also be used to create a wash down area for horses and livestock due to the aforementioned qualities.

Crumb Rubber Sheet

Providing excellent resistance to impact and abrasion, crumb rubber sheet is made from recycled elastomers bound together by polyurethane. It is a popular option for flooring in gymnasiums as it helps to reduce vibration when equipment is in use. Crumb rubber is available by the roll or in cut to length pieces.

Animal & Stable Rubber Matting

5602 – Hammered

Manufactured using a blend of natural rubber and styrene-butadiene. 5602 has a hammered surface on one side and a ribbed pattern on the reverse. It is defined as a heavy duty matting that is commonly used in stables or animal enclosures. The matting helps to provide comfort and reduces the risk of casting.

5565 – Cobble

Our 5565 is a hard wearing, durable matting that has a cobble surface on one side and a castellated ribbed pattern on the reverse. It is made from a blend of NR / SBR and provides excellent resistance to impact and abrasion. Cobble matting is primarily used in stables or trailers and helps to provide comfort to animals.

Rubber Entrance Matting

ENSA – Safety Scrape

Available in a range of sizes to suit the width of your doorway, ENSA safety matting provides exceptional grip and helps to remove dirt and swarf from footwear. It is manufactured from nitrile and is suitable for use in internal and external commercial and industrial entrances.

ENSO – Soil Scraper

Our ENSO matting is designed to remove dirt and grit from footwear. It has a slip resistant, high traction top face and an anti-skid underside reverse that helps to prevent the mat from moving. It is primarily used as an internal matting in commercial environments.

ENFI – Fingertop

Primarily used in external applications, ENFI withstands weathering and provides excellent resistance to foot traffic. The rubber bristles are stong, flexible and help to remove dirt from footwear. The matting also has an underside suction cup design to prevent movement.

ENOC – Octaguard

A versatile, heavyweight rubber matting for demanding external entrance ways. ENOC octaguard provides outstanding drainage due to its honeycomb design. Optional insert brushes are also available that help to remove dirt from footwear.

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