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Neoprene Rubber Sheeting

Neoprene Rubber Sheeting

Neoprene rubber sheeting (CR) is a synthetic material that resists ageing, ozone, and weathering and is often used in external applications such as gaskets, linings, weather strips, and sleeves. It has moderate resistance to animal and vegetable oils as well as inorganic salts, but it should not be used with aromatic hydrocarbons or ketones. Other grades like flame retardant and BS 2752 are available when certain qualities and standards are required. For food and pharmaceutical applications, we offer white food quality neoprene which complies with EC and FDA requirements.Neoprene rubber sheet can be provided in whole rolls, cut to size lengths, or custom forms utilising in-house CNC gear and is available to order online at PAR Direct by following the link above. Chloroprene, polychloroprene, and pc-rubber are other names for neoprene.

Key Features

  • 65° 5° Shore Hardness
  • Temperature range: -30°C to +70°C.
  • excellent weather resistance.
  • good resistance against ageing and ozone.
  • A popular material option for outdoor applications.

Technical Specification:

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