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PVDF tank manufacturer in India

Petron Thermoplast is the best PVDF tank manufacturer in India

The top PVDF tank manufacturer in India for the past few years has been Petron Thermoplast. You may trust our high-quality PVDF tanks and our exceptional product choices. We are able to manufacture high-quality goods in accordance with International DVS standards because of our highly skilled and technically sound staff, state-of-the-art facilities, complex production, and sourcing of high-quality raw materials. Our extensive knowledge aids in the system’s cost-effective design.

Make sure to get “International Quality at Domestic Price!!” in summary.


  • We provide bigger tanks with first-rate technical assistance.
  • The tanks are of excellent quality and feature a superb water flow system.
  • Inlet, drain, overflow, heater, thermometer, recycling, air agitation, cathode movement, dosing, sample, and slant bottom for sludge collection are all provided.
  • We have a great team of employees at our disposal that have the necessary experience to offer their customers high-quality service.
  • Prior to shipment, all items are subjected to stringent quality inspections.
  • Items that adhere to international DVS standards.
  • Long life of at least ten years.
  • Chemical resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • 100% Watertight
  • Nothing to Maintain
  • Lightweight, sturdy, with an excellent finish and high tensile strength

It is highly resistant to chemicals

Our FRP tanks hold chemicals, including sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, aluminum sulfate, coagulant, and more. We carefully choose the FRP designs that best meet your needs and use the most cutting-edge technology to build the highest-quality, longest-lasting tanks that have been demonstrated to withstand the toughest conditions. We use sector-leading resin technologies.

FRP Tank Manufacturer

Things you need to consider about FRP Tank Manufacturer

Modern composite materials like FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic) are used to create vessels, tanks, and other equipment and appliances for chemical plants. Water treatment systems for industrial and commercial usage can be installed in FRP tanks and containers. FRP tanks or vessels are more durable, lightweight, flexible, robust, and corrosion-resistant than steel tanks or vessels. As a result, people generally consider these vessels to be an excellent substitute for SS vessels. The leading FRP tank manufacturer in India is Petron Thermoplast, which offers its customers high-quality goods.

Role of FRP tanks

Strong chemicals and liquids like water cannot penetrate FRP. Because of this, every significant producer of FRP pressure vessels prefers to employ FRP in water treatment plants. A smooth and easy flow of water is possible because of the leak-proof nature of FRP. Additionally versatile, it may take on any size and shape, whether vertical or horizontal (big or small).

Know some advantages

The great advantages of FRP tanks are:

  • The tanks are easy to install.
  • It is highly resistant to chemicals. 
  • The tanks have a low maintenance cost. 
  • The tanks are elegant and customized. 

The tanks are easy to install

FRP tanks are easy to install since they are lightweight. Because they just need a few electrical connections and a few outside plumbing connections, our FRP tanks are simple to transport and install. Moreover, they are incredibly light. Our team at Petron Thermoplast, the FRP tank manufacturer, is fully equipped and licensed to install your FRP tanks on-site if you prefer to leave the installation to the experts.


Petron Thermoplast is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of Chemical Storage Tanks which are used for storing many types of liquids and chemicals.

Robust parameter design, chemical tanks solutions which are known to be leak proof, immune to corrosion and low maintenance. We also customize Chemical Tanks as per the specific requirements of the client.


Robust design focuses on improving the fundamental function of the product or process, thus facilitating flexible design and concurrent engineering. In fact, it is the most powerful method available to reduce product costs, improve quality, and at the same time reduce growth gaps.

Plasticon Composites is a full-service turnkey solution provider in the field of corrosion resistant glassfibre reinforced plastic (GRP) tanks, piping and apparatus. Founded in 1950 Plasticon Composites is well positioned to meet your needs.

Plasticon Composites is the world’s largest manufacturer of specially engineered, corrosion resistant, fibreglass reinforced plastics and dual laminate products providing integrated solutions for the handling, Chemical Storage Tanks and processing of critical fluids and gases for the chemical, water & wastewater, power generation and other process industries. Dual laminate constructions consist either of thermoplastic or fluoropolymer liners reinforced with GRP.

Plasticon Composites is an international specialist in design, manufacturing, installation and service solutions for the
processing, storage and transport of highly critical corrosive fluids and gasses. The products are constructed from high quality composite materials. Plasticon Composites has a consolidated geographical presence, with a multi-lingual staff and an active research and development programme. Our technical support team of specialists assists customers in the early planning and design stages of projects. Plasticon Composites
aims to reach an optimum end-result with solutions that reduce operational costs for its customers. Composite structures by Plasticon Composites come in a wide variety of materials, sizes, shapes and forms, depending on process specifications. The versatility of working with today’s
composites, combined with the Plasticon Composites expertise, results in an extensive range of integrated solutions

Applications and equipment for the Chemical Process Industry


  • Chemical
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Power Generation
  • Technologies & Electronics
  • Metals & Mining
  • Food & Agriculture


  • Detailed engineering and stress analysis
  • Turn key installation under single point responsibility
  • Inspections, repair and maintenance


  • Modified PTFE as TFM
  • GRP


  • Storage Solutions
  • Piping Systems
  • Stacks & Ducting
  • Lining Systems
  • Scrubber & Filters
  • Special Products

Two catholyte PP, GRP headers for the chlorine industry

Transport of process vessels all over the World

Applications and equipment for the Chemical Process Industry

Field Fabrication & Installation

Plasticon Composites can produce on site when the transport of our products is not possible due to size and transport methods. The climate at the site is not an issue, Plasticon Composites already has experience working at temperatures from -40°C to + 50°C.

Plasticon Composites has designed highly sophisticated winding machines and a mobile plant especially for the manufacture of Fibreglass stacks, ducts, apparatus and vessels on site. Depending on the diameter Plasticon Composites uses its vertical winding machine for diameters up to 20 metres and its horizontal winding machine for diameters up to 16 metres. The mechanical properties of the laminate produced with the on-site winding equipment are exactly the same as the properties of the laminate in the different production facilities.

Plasticon Composites

Storage Solutions

Plasticon Composites provides a wide
range of storage solutions in GRP and
dual laminate materials, for extreme
and moderate service applications. Our
in-house specialists are able to help you
create or expand your storage capacity
requirements in accordance with current
design code standards and health &
safety regulations.

Plasticon Composites’ tanks and silos can
be equipped with numerous accessories
such as leak detection equipment, vent
scrubbers, immersion heaters, ladders,
railings, walkways, pumps, valves, level
indicators, load cells, dust filters, etc.

The storage of raw materials for the
pharmaceutical industry

Storage products:
– Chemical tanks
– Ultra-Pure Water tanks
– Water and Wastewater tanks
– Food Storage tanks
– Salt Saturator tanks
– Brewery tanks
– Fuel Storage tanks

– Mixing tanks and reactors
– Silos
– Insulated tanks
– CE pressure vessels
– Transportation tanks
– Double wall storage tanks

Storage of waste water at 90 ˚C (3 x 120 m3, D = 3500 mm)

Applications and equipment for the Chemical Process Industry

For chemical recovery and pollution control, Plasticon Composites offers process vessels such as scrubbers, bio filters, biogas reactors and many related accessories. These vessels handle the full range of dynamic and hydrostatic loads for chemical environments in industries such as wastewater treatment, power generation and chemical processing.
Supplemental system components including internal and external piping, distribution systems and ducting can be fabricated in virtually any shape or configuration. Many of the Plasticon Composites products manufactured today are designed to withstand temperatures ranging from
-40°C to 250°C

– FGD Scrubbers
– Deodorization Scrubbers
– Bio Filters
– Biogas Reactors
– Stacks and Liners
– GRP Covers
– Duct Systems
– Settlers
– Separators
– Headers

Two GRP scrubber to filter odors

Piping Systems

GRP Piping Systems
Since 1969 Plasticon Composites has
enjoyed a worldwide reputation in
glassfibre reinforced pipes and fittings
with its Kialite® brand and Plastilon® brand
(bell & spigot bonding system) piping
systems. Today, piping systems are available
in a variety of standard diameters ranging
from 25 to 1200 mm. Plasticon Composites
offers pipe and fittings to meet all national
and international standards depending
on the area and application. Combining
the strength of GRP and the chemical
compatibility of plastics provides customers
with a superior alternative to costly metal
alloys and rubber-lined steel.

Dual Laminate Piping Systems
In addition, Plasticon Composites
manufactures and installs PVC lined GRP
pipes for aggressive products such as
chlorine gas, hydrochloric acid, sodium
hypochlorite and caustic soda. Various
thermoplastic and fluoropolymer liners were
combined by Plasticon Composites (PVC,
MFA) with glassfibre reinforced polyester
resins to provide customers with dual
laminate piping systems for extremely hot
and corrosive environments.

– Industrial cooling water
– Chemical processing
– Flue gas desulphurisation
– Food processing
– Ship building
– Fire fighting installations
– Water purification
– Sewage treatment

Chemical Tanks Solutions: Lining Systems

Plasticon Composites is recognized
as a leading supplier in the field of
fluoropolymer linings for a variety of
applications in the pharmaceutical,
chemical, semi-conductor, power
generation, waste incineration,
biotechnology and processing industries.
Our lining products are characterized
by outstanding chemical resistance,
compatibility to both high and low
temperatures, high pressure ratings and
corrosion resistance. Fluoropolymer liners
and modified PTFE (e.g. TFM) can be
employed as dual laminate, sheet lining,
loose lining and fix point lining.

Our well organized manufacturing
processes qualify Plasticon Composites
to become a well-known supplier for
high purity linings of ISO containers for
the semiconductor industry. In these
containers ultra pure chemicals
are transported which are used for
photolithographic etching processes
for silicon based microchip or solar
cell productions.
High purity equipment for the
semi-conductor industry:
– Apparatus for the production of
ultra-pure chemicals
– Ultra-pure chemical storage, day,
slurry and mixing tanks
– Sheet linings of ISO containers
– Ultra-pure water storage tanks

Solid thermoplastic products
Plasticon Composites is a certified
manufacturer of solid thermoplastic
constructions (PE, PP, PVC, C-PVC
or PVDF), focusing on special solutions
for customer-related developments
such as: pipe bundles for wet electro
filters, lamellar separators for water
cleaning, covers for special apparatus.
Our production strength of thermoforming
thermoplastic materials enables us
to reduce the number of weld seams
to a minimum. This has led to us
becoming a high quality supplier for
the chemical industry.

Full Service Provider

Plasticon Composites has the capability to design,
manufacture, install and service GRP and dual
laminate products for your specific needs. An
experienced, multi-lingual staff consisting of our
team of engineers and technical support specialists
assist customers in the early planning and design
stages. The end result is an engineered system
that reduces life cycle cost.

Assembly of a GRP separator for a chemical plant

Maintenance services
Plasticon Composites recommends
periodic upgrades and maintenance for
the optimum performance of composite
systems in extreme environments. To
minimise downtime and avoid unplanned
interruptions, Plasticon Composites offers
the following maintenance services:
– Inspections
– Refurbishments
– Preventive Maintenance
– Facility Upgrades
– Repairs


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